Present Not Perfect

December 19 , 2017 by: bwnwp empowerment, Health, Lifestyle, Mediation, spirituality

So Christmas is one week away and I’m not nearly ready. I know I will get it together and this year I’m not stressing over the outcome. I am letting go of the perfection and embracing the present moments as they arrrive. I’m not going to worry about my wrapping paper all matching or if each gift is absolutely perfect. Did I mention I am dropping perfect. This year I’m not even going to make sure I have 7 fishes for the feast of the seven fishes on Christmas Eve. This year maybe there will be only four or five fishes and I’m not cooking for Christmas day either. I already ordered my dinner.
If you told me just last year I’d be this person today, I would not believe you.

I am giving all the credit to my meditation practice and my willingness this past year to practice daily and dive deeper. I have found that my own daily practice has enhanced my meditation classes immensely. I love teaching meditation and It just keeps getting better. My meditation students are reaping the benefits and I can feel the healing happening in the room each week.

I have been holding classes every Saturday and please stay tuned because I will be expanding and growing the classes in 2018 and recording more meditaitons to bring to you. I have also designed a very powerful workshop that is happening in two weeks.The is more information below. If you are ready to let go of 2017 and look back on how it unfolded and step into 2018 with a clear vision of what you want this new year to bring, this workshop is for you. Scroll down for all of the exciting details!

Wishin you a beautiful and peaceful holiday season.

Be present, be happy, be well,

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This guided meditation with Archangel Micheal is for relaxtion, protection and healing.

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