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Alkalinity for Health

November 04 , 2015 by bwnwp - in Uncategorized

In late summer of 2013 my husband started having pain and swelling in his right shoulder, right wrist and left ankle. He thought it was to do with over use and working too hard. He operates a crane and other heavy machinery. By spring of 2014 he was much worse. He was in excruciating pain […]

My Full Circle Moment

October 21 , 2015 by bwnwp - in Uncategorized

So today, I took a ride with my daughter Victoria to Staten Island. She had a dentist appointment. The office wound up being right by the Oakwood train station. Little did I know it would be a very intense day for me. I am in the process of writing a book about my life. If […]

I hope you are enjoying your summer and savoring every moment of August. My goal in the next couple of weeks is to really slowdown and take some time for my self before the excitement of the fall season. I hope you can do the same. Practice some real self care. I know it’s not […]

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