I’ve created several new services as I move forward with so many people loving my meditation classes. I want to be able to offer the gift of meditation to as many people as I can.

Personalized Meditation Recordings

What does this mean? I will personalize and record for you a meditation to fit whatever it is you are needing or struggling with right now in your life. Be it a need for healing, grounding, energy, rejuvenation, health, letting go, manifesting or anything you need. Your personalized meditation will be twenty minutes and will include breath work and beautiful music. The cost is $25 and it’s a gift you can give to yourself forever. I recently designed a meditation for a client who was feeling flighty and uncentered. I created a grounding and centering meditation for her that she loves and has helped her tremendously. So if you want one of my meditations customized just for you and what you need right now let’s talk and start you on your way to peace and happiness.

One on One Meditation Sessions:

I have been offering this service for a while but not everyone is aware of it. I can help you deepen your practice as well as relax and unwind in my office or your home, just the two of us. We will use essential oils, breath work and my guidance to take you through a beautiful guided meditation. These sessions are customized to your exact needs. These sessions are 45 minutes long and the cost is $55.00. Semi private sessions are $80.00

Private Group Sessions:

Think of it as a Tupperware party for you mind, body and spirit! You gather 5 or more people in your home for a meditation gathering. Morning, afternoon and evening sessions are available. I will guide your group through a beautiful meditation practice with the use of my voice, music and essential oils. You can provide snacks, tea, wine…whatever you would like to design for you and your friends. I am also available for workplace or corporate gatherings. These sessions are 1 hour long and the cost is $20 per person.

Zen in Ten Apparel available now!

This guided meditation with Archangel Micheal is for relaxtion, protection and healing.

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