“I am still buzzing as I always am after our Wednesday sessions.

I love Wednesdays with Tracy. Her group coaching session always inspire and empower me. I think about the women in the group and become so inspired from each one of them. They are all smart, honest, fragile, vulnerable, inspiring and most of all selfless. What I take away each week is a compilation of energy, determination and will to accomplish goals I have avoided for many years. It is of course a result of Tracy’s gentle guidance and support that this group is flourishing. I cannot wait to repeat the group for a second time. This has truly been a positive force in my life and a joyous beginning to the New Year.”
– Isabelle Madonia

“Tracy is a warm, caring, charismatic group leader.

She infuses all of our group meetings with her expansive nutritional knowledge, inspirational mindsets, and valuable self-care information. Tracy has a wealth of resources that she shares with the group – from personal trainers, to Reiki healers, to organizational angels.

Tracy’s recipes are easy, delicious and state-of-the art healthful. She has helped me expand my personal daily food choices and my weekly family menu repertoire. My 13 year old son and I are converts to green smoothies as a substitute for a coffee ‘pick me up’ for me and for a study time energy boost for him!

I always look forward to Wednesday mornings at Tracy’s house. She attracts like-minded women looking to expand their self-care regimens. I have participated in two groups, the fall and the winter. The women in each group are all very supportive of one another as Tracy fosters a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere for honest listening and sharing. She motivates and stimulates great conversation!”
– Stephanie J

“Before meeting with Tracy, I was doing it all wrong.

I thought my vegetarian diet was good enough, but it turns out it was all wrong! For over a year I had been visiting different doctors. I had many blood tests, ultrasounds, and other lab tests because I was constantly complaining of being fatigued and exhausted. I even went as far to participate in a Chronic Fatigue Study. I was Vitamin D deficient, Iron deficient and B12 deficient. I had no energy, no motivation, and no drive. I am 29 years old and I felt like I was 80. I had all but given up and began to just accept feeling awful, until a coworker told me about Tracy. It turns out all of my health issues were completely due to nutritional deficiencies and bad eating habits. Too much sugar and too many carbs and nowhere near enough of the good stuff.

After the first meeting, I was completely transformed. I received so much information from Tracy on our first meeting. The fun part was putting it into practice! I was determined and had a lot of support at home so it was easy for me to completely overhaul my diet and make new lifestyle choices. I went home, cleaned out my cabinets and never looked back. Every Sunday, my husband and I food shop together and then cook together every single night and eat our leftovers for lunches. We only shop on the outside of the grocery store now! Fresh fruits and veggies, beans, quinoa (my new favorite grain) I do not crave anything bad anymore because I am so full on the good stuff. I feel amazing. I feel how a 29 year old should feel. My mood has improved, my energy is back, and I just feel fantastic. I am so passionate now about the food that goes into my body.

I truly believe that food has healed me. I would not have been able to do this without the guidance of Tracy. I am so grateful to her that she assisted me with the change. Upon meeting Tracy, I knew I had to trust her. Tracy had great energy, beautiful skin, thick and amazing hair! And, I wanted to trust her for she was kind, warm and inviting. I thought to myself, you’d have to be crazy NOT to listen to her!  I would recommend Tracy to anyone looking to overhaul their diet completely or someone who is just looking to eat a more balanced diet. Be well nourished actually will transform your life and help you Be Well Nourished for your entire life!”
– Kati R.

“I am so grateful for my time with Tracy. I have not felt this good in quite a while.

I came to see Tracy because I was recommitting to getting myself healthy and strong. I needed to rethink what I ate and how I ate it. I knew a lot about nutrition, but was not making the right choices for my body and health at this stage in my life.

Tracy was able to get me on the right path.  By working on a meal plan together, we found foods that were nutritionally better choices and yet surprisingly satisfying. My personal goals of better health and weight loss are being met. Much of my joint pain has decreased, I have shed the extra pounds and I feel and look better. Thank You Tracy!”
– Michelle D.

I knew it was time for a change when I found myself repeatedly saying, “I’m too young to feel this old”.

Throughout perimenopause my weight was rising and the severity of hot-flashes was robbing me of sleep and pleasure in life. Thanks to Tracy and her guidance into a new combination of food choices, I find myself with more energy, sleeping through the night, and experiencing less frequent and severe hot-flashes. I feel as though I am years younger! My family, friends and colleagues all notice the difference as well.

Thank you, Tracy, for helping me restore my vitality and for giving me a new insight into how nutrition can significantly affect the way a person feels and the way a person functions.

5/12/15 Addendum to testimonial:

Thank you Tracy for giving me the opportunity to comment on my “life plan” – one year later. I have been able to maintain my weight and, most importantly, the quality of my life. I have a new way of eating and a new way of living. My friends and family continue to be marveled at my youthful appearance and stamina. I enjoy the new foods and new combinations of food Tracy has introduced me to. Although I am still not a fan of rice pasta, I am enjoying kale each day!
– Brigid Pigott

Tracy’s Be Well Nourished group sessions are amazing!

I met a lot of interesting woman who share the same issues and desires as I do. Tracy was able to guide the group with helpful suggestions, recipes, nutritional tidbits, products, and knowledge. She orchestrates the group with patience, intelligence and love. My family benefits from the recipes, and I benefit from the sub conscience reminders she gave us on how to stay focused and be healthy.

Thank you Tracy, looking forward to another session!
– Jackie Knapp

Tracy has been such a vital force in my life for many years.

Each time I attend one of her nutrition sessions whether it was one-ono-one or one of her wellness coaching groups, I always come away with yet another fact and example that I implement in my daily life. Besides the delicious recipes that she shares, I come away re energized, getting myself back on track to move further along in my evolving health journey. Just this afternoon I was longing for a “treat” so I pulled out her delicious RAW CACAO TRUFFLE recipe and within minutes I prepared a healthy alternative to a piece of chocolate! Thank you Tracy for all you have done for me….It has made all the difference in how I approach my healthy eating lifestyle!
– Mary Ann Hoogerheyde

What can I say …except you have changed my life.

I loved your knowledge combined with warmth and passion which was inspirational;creating strong determination to make positive changes; understanding the true meaning of self care. Thank you!!
– Susan Barrett

I have known Tracy for less than a year, but in that short time she has made a huge impact on me.

I met her through a friend and joined one of her weekly groups not knowing what to expect. It was such an amazing, uplifting experience. She has taught me about nutrition, health and spiritual growth. The things that I’ve learned from her are invaluable and I incorporate them into my everyday living. She leads by example and demonstrates that by making simple adjustments you can enhance the quality of your life. I am so thankful to have met her.
– Betsy Bloom

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